Automated Grow Systems 

Designed and Built to Custom Specifications for Growing Herbs,
    Vegetables or Sprouted Grains.

 Fully Automated Robotic System...

An Environmentally Controlled Nutraceutical Grade Growing Facility


Features You Want

Features You Want

 Fully Automated Robotic System

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Automated Feeding and Harvesting

Rapid Conveyors Direct to Your Truck

Or Robotic Feed Wagons for Livestock Operations

Washing, Sorting, Drying and Packaging Foods for Human Consumption

Results You Want

Freshness of Produce when received/sold

Transportation Cost

Nutrient Quality of the Produce

Non-GMO Verified

Water Savings

Contamination Free

Locally Grown and Distributed

Exceptional Equipment Quality Products

Automation Facilitates Superior Products

Suddenly, concepts become actuality 

Indoor growing becomes a reality 

No more searching for feed or transporting 

Robotics automate the entire agricultural world 

Technology eliminates surface bacteria, fungus and mold 

Water consumption in agriculture is reduced by 92%

Value And Quality

Chemical-free, pesticide-free with improved nutritional content

Healthy and productive patented processes to grow plants naturally with Life Energy

Increased germination, plant productivity, nutrient quality and shelf life

New generation of water cooled LED ultraviolet/infrared ray spectrum lights

Nanotechnology-based liquid coating for roof and exterior walls that generates electricity from sunlight

   Nanotechnology-based glass collection and/or waste to energy technology powering the whole facility

Ability to off-site monitor, correct and adjust working components

No Chemicals or Pesticides are used in any phase

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