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The Health Of Your Team

"The health of your individual players and the synergy of the entire team all come into play in our tests."

At Agrinomics, we test for the the general vitality of your soil. This is the overall strength of your team. When a player is “in tune” with his teammates and is in good health, we usually see a high general vitality for the whole team. If it’s right after winning the World Series and your team has been out partying, chances are their general vitality might not be that great the next morning! If one of your players is sick, this drags down the overall vitality of the entire team -- and it might even be contagious! If a player isn’t at his best, he needs to rest or at least to be benched so he doesn’t harm the performance of his teammates. We can test not only the general vitality of the overall team as a living organism, but we can measure the general vitality of each individual player.

When a player is sick or in a bad mood, these interfere with his performance. Yes, his general vitality might be okay, but if he’s been in fights with other players or has problems in his personal life, these influences give distortions into how his energy manifests on the field. If a player has the jitters before a big game, it’s our job to calm him down so that his nervousness doesn’t hurt his performance -- or worse, hurt the performance of the entire team! It really only takes one weak link to lose.

When we take a player, we make sure he improves his diet to remove toxins and bad habits, we can deliver a new harmonized vitality which is usually considerably higher than the player left to his own devices. At Agrinomics, we can help identify energetic anomalies and distortions and help harmonize them so that each player is well rested and calm.

We have another measurement at Agrinomics which is white light. This goes beyond mere vitality, and measures the unflagging determination to win. This measures how focused a player is on the prize. This is willpower. Do your players give up easily? A team that’s talented but doesn’t really care about winning the playoffs probably won’t win! A team with low vitality but strong determination is far more likely to win than a team with high vitality but weak willpower.

The “white light” measurement assesses the long term will to succeed. We want to see players who fight to the bitter end and play their best even when they know they might not win. This is your team’s endurance. Some individual players have incredible persistence. Endurance, more than mere vitality, is a sign of a first seed team. At Agrinomics, we help pick dynamic players for you that are truly committed to getting you real-world results.

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