Key Deficiencies, Zinc & Immunity

For a recent client, the farm General Vitality (GV) read at around 300, which is well below the needed level for sustained human health and optimal performance, which should be at least 600. Please note that Ryan’s General Vitality (GV) is

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You are NOT what you eat!

When these two lovely goats arrived at Perennial Roots Farm, they were welcome and made new friends with hogs and sheep. During a stint away from the farm, one of them returned sick and we at Agrinomics tested the animals

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  • 4th Feb, 2018
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Radiation & Biodynamics

Levels of radioactive fallout are often much higher than you might expect. Nuclear power, missile tests, and improper disposal of radioactive materials has led to widespread contamination. But this is where biodynamics can help. We measured radioactivity levels on a

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  • 22nd Jan, 2018

Lyme disease & Tick Frequencies

Everything has a frequency. Whether it’s light, molecules, atoms, chemicals, plants, or animals — everything has its own frequency. Even Lyme disease carrying ticks have a unique frequency that we can target specifically! Most people are familiar with “noise cancelling”

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  • 19th Jan, 2018

Poison is Poison regardless of the Carrier

  I had been introduced to juicing vegetables for health purposes. Shopping for harmful chemical free produce was a necessary challenge for the purpose. You, the reader, might ask why I use the phrase harmful chemical verses just chemical. In my

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  • 15th Dec, 2017

Our Mission

To provide and demonstrate facts that provide the truth in our ability to produce information, analysis and learning materials that help people improve and control their own food and health systems. To teach and demonstrate facts that provide the truth

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  • 1st Dec, 2017