Key Deficiencies, Zinc & Immunity

For a recent client, the farm General Vitality (GV) read at around 300, which is well below the needed level for sustained human health and optimal performance, which should be at least 600.

Please note that Ryan’s General Vitality (GV) is considerably higher than both Farm #1 and Farm #2. Most of the people on the farm match the vitality level of the farms themselves!

Key Deficiencies on the Farm Ryan Anne Natalie Robert Mary Farm #1 Farm #2 Pasture Cow
Control 763 190 351 352 335 285 276 325 325
Zinc Supplement 798 237 397 367 403 312 316 406 392
Selenium Supplement 886 228 373 373 449 352 348 412 385
Zinc Supplement + Selenium Supplement 1013 347 460 420 524 377 452 441 443
Zinc Supplement + Selenium Supplement + Boron Supplement 850 304 736 684 566 832 820 866 806


As you can see, everyone on the farm including the cow and the pasture need Zinc and Selenium! Most of the people on the farm also need Boron, though notably, not Ryan and Anne.

The addition of Zinc + Selenium + Boron brings almost everyone up to health 600+ levels! 

Click here for interactive chart. 

These deficiencies are common in soils these days. Regrettably, low Zinc has been linked repeatedly to compromised immune systems. Of extreme importance is the fact that despite being at a very health General Vitality (GV), Ryan still had a compromised immune system. Our readings indicate that proper remineralization of the soil helps improve the plants which improves the animals and the people who live off those products.

Find your key deficiencies in your soil and take charge of your own health!

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