Lyme disease & Tick Frequencies

Everything has a frequency. Whether it’s light, molecules, atoms, chemicals, plants, or animals — everything has its own frequency. Even Lyme disease carrying ticks have a unique frequency that we can target specifically!

Most people are familiar with “noise cancelling” headphones. This property operates on the fact that you can play a mirror image of the sound you want to eliminate and neutralize the noise. The same kind of “noise cancelling” technology can be applied not only to sounds, but also to pests on the farm!

In the case of these pest harmonics, we can populate an area with the frequency of the specific pest and we can make it feel like the area is already crowded so the ticks simply don’t want to be on your farm!

At Agrinomics, LLC we tested tick harmonics from Hugh Courtney at Earth Legacy Agriculture, LLC. Survival rates on untreated field were around 30%. Survival rates on a field treated with the tick remedy (Sample C-12) fell to 0.3% OR LESS! Even homeopathically diluted in alcohol, the tick remedy was still just as effective.

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