Poison is Poison regardless of the Carrier


    I had been introduced to juicing vegetables for health purposes. Shopping for harmful chemical free produce was a necessary challenge for the purpose. You, the reader, might ask why I use the phrase harmful chemical verses just chemical. In my farm boy language, you have beneficial chemicals and harmful chemicals. Instead of just saying chemical free, which is non-descriptive, I choose to define the substance as either harmful or beneficial.  Even though I did not enjoy cleaning the Champion juicer twice a day, I quickly felt the benefits of the concentrated nutritional components obtained via juicing the vegetables. Then, one day after juicing and consuming, I became quite ill in reaction to the juices I had consumed. Investigation, research and testing revealed that the product labeled “organic” possessed harmful chemicals from growing and packaging. Further research and investigation determined that several outlets that professed to sell “organic” vegetables, were in fact not organic. Therefore, I elected to build my own greenhouse and aquaculture operation so that I would know what was in the food I was eating. It is factual that the environment determines the expression of the gene. An organism’s gene expression can be environmentally influenced, which includes the organism’s external world where it dwells or develops, in addition to its internal world which involves factors such as its metabolism and hormones. The external factors of the environment such as drugs, temperature, light and chemicals can determine which genes are turned off and on, thus influencing the manner of an organism’s development and function. It’s a very interesting fact that dietary and nutritional supplements also play an important role in gene expression.  It is my firm belief, from my own growing experience and much documented evidence, that a properly managed growing environment and naturally balanced feeding program will not allow harmful insects to feed on growing plants. God created some insects to consume sickly non-nutritious plants as a balance in the plant cycle.  Insects will not consume or infest a plant of good general vitality. General Vitality is measured by the Energetic Vibrational Strength of an organism.

    Further, my firm belief is that harmful chemicals are not needed to grow, package or preserve any consumptive food product. In addition, if all foods or consumptive products are of a general vitality greater than the general vitality of the consumer, then the consumer will gain nutritional benefit to supply balanced nutrition and maintain the body’s immune system to prevent disease from attacking the system.

    While I try to stay focused on the environmental condition of soil for growing, the environmental conditions for soilless (hydroponic/aeroponic) growing in controlled environments for nutritional balance to the body of humans and/or animals, I find cannabis and/or industrial hemp an industry that is highly beneficial to the medicinal world of mankind and for that matter, also our animal world. I do not claim to be a cannabis medicinal expert. However, I believe energetic testing demonstrates that the cannabis plant has some characteristics many other plants do not. I also believe that the ability to separate any component of the cannabis plant, extract and combine by infusion components of the cannabis plant, and/or extract component(s) of other plant tissue(s) to combine by infusion with component(s) of cannabis will allow the combination of natural compounds to cause a formula that will in fact cure diseases. I believe this is in fact revolutionary now as many of our ancestors had it figured out, but politics and greed killed it in the USA.

    This said, I come to the point of writing this article. There is an urgent need to establish synthetic free environments for growing, processing and packaging cannabis products. And if we don’t do it now, I believe the cannabis industry for medicinal purposes will likely fail. Just like the example in juicing above, not knowing what is in, or attached to, the product you are buying (regardless of how it is labeled) to consume for any purpose, could leave you not only with harmful effects, but could cause more long-term harm than benefits.

    So, don’t worry about what Bayer, Monsanto, Big Pharma or Synthetic Fertilizer companies are planning. Grow, produce and package a pure product for consumption that benefit both man and beast and your commitment should guarantee success.

    Create a passion for purity. Follow that passion, and money and peace of mind will follow. Remember, Poison is Poison Regardless of the Carrier.