You are NOT what you eat!

When these two lovely goats arrived at Perennial Roots Farm, they were welcome and made new friends with hogs and sheep. During a stint away from the farm, one of them returned sick and we at Agrinomics tested the animals for them.

When the goats had arrived to Perennial Roots Farm, their general vitality (GV) was 217. Because the general vitality of the soil on their new home was around 300, their own GV rose to over 300 too! We are not what we eat, we are the quality of what we eat! 

If you eat crappy corn, you feel crappy — you don’t feel cornyOur quality of life is dependent on the quality of our food which is dependent on the quality of our soil and the quality of our water. No matter how much corn we eat, we’ll never become corn. A dog eats many bones, but doesn’t develop a massive skeleton. No matter how much chicken you eat, you’ll probably never act like a chicken. Instead, we are the quality of what we eat! 

When they left the farm, the doe was 301gv — exactly the level of the life force of the food she ate. After leaving the farm for only two weeks, one of the goats returned sick. Upon investigation, it was not the neglect of any farmer involved, nor was it stress from transporting the animals. But still, the GV of the goat had dropped from 301 to 153… falling more than 50%. The goat’s symptoms included sluggishness, unresponsiveness, and constant diarrhea. 

We tested the feed from their temporary home and found that there were four options:

  • Commerical Feed Brand #1 – 138gv (GMO)   MOLD
  • Commercial Feed Brand #2 – 145gv (GMO)   MOLD
  • Sweet Feed – 252gv (GMO) 
  • Local Hay – 294gv 

NOTE: Both feed sources were already moldy before the farmer bought it!

In only two weeks the general vitality had dropped from 301gv down to 153 — almost all the way down to the feed level. This tells you how quickly your life force level can drop. It isn’t something that lasts — we must be vigilant about it. In the case above, what Commercial Feed Brand #1 and Commercial Feed Brand #2 are selling are both GMO feeds, however they are marketing them – and they are already moldy. Ironically, the sweet feed was the most nutritious option of the three feeds! The hay was within the 300 range, which matches the home farm for the goats. But none of these feed options had enough life force to maintain the 301gv that the goats had at their home farm. 

Beware of labels! TEST – don’t trust! 

At Agrinomics, we ran an emergency animal health session because the goat’s vitality was still declining. After a 2.5hr broadcasting session, the goat was up from a low of 138gv to 263 and was behaving much better.

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