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Preparing to Succeed

"Putting together a strong team is one thing. Winning the playoffs is another. We can do this with you."

Whenever we witness an event, it is always the culmination of many movements that led up to this exact present moment. In a baseball game, whether one team wins or loses is just the very conclusion of an incredibly complex interplay of players, forces, and intention. Both sides obviously intend to win, but if the synergy of one team is inferior, they will not win, even if they have stronger and more athletic players. This is the same in the soil: the plant that we see growing above the ground is just the physical manifestation -- the final “inning” -- of a complex dynamic interplay of forces within the soil.

If we get a better coach, even an inferior team can work together better. But if one player on a team is injured or sick -- or hungover! -- the synergy of the entire team is dragged down. We obviously always want the strongest players in the game. Some people will dope up their players, which gives a temporary impression of vitality, but we’ve all learned that this is not beneficial long-term either in baseball or in farming.

At Agrinomics, we help you orchestrate your A-game. With our tests, we can tell you what “players” on your farm aren’t performing at their max, which ones are doing great, and even which ones need to be benched! A win is just the ultimate result from an elaborate game of numerous factors.

In baseball, the stacking order of who comes into play at what time determines the outcome. If you don’t load up the bases before you send in your heavy hitters, you won’t get many points! You have to have your eye on the prize, not just think about this single inning.

When it comes to the big game, all the practice, planning and strategy come to the test. Just watch the pitcher. The motion precedes the ball soaring through the air. The energy exerted by the batter precedes the bat striking the ball. Energy precedes matter. It’s not just about a hard bat, it’s about the force, timing, and direction of the energy in the batter’s body. Landing a grand slam is just having all of your energy coordinated together with everybody else’s in play.

When a team is working well together, they can get into a groove. Even a relatively bad team, when “in sync” can surprise the projections and make it to the finals! The opposite even can happen to a good team with a lot of expensive players: sometimes even the New York Yankees get into a bad rut and spiral out of control! You can spend all kinds of money on “superstar” players, but without a good team and a good coach, they simply won’t be able to shine.

You can even think of the “curse” of the Red Socks where they could never win a pennant, for the longest time. No matter how many good players or good coaches they seemed to get, some anomaly would trip them up and keep them from maximum performance! At Agrinomics, we help break negative cycles and get your soil up to peak performance.

A good coach with bad players will have a pretty hard time winning. And a bad coach with good players will also have a hard time making the team work together. And even a good coach with good players can meet with failure if a key player is “off.” At Agrinomics, we help make sure all of your players, even the minor players, are at the top of their game.

When each play is orchestrated harmoniously, and each player’s movement resonates with everyone else’s on the team, what we have is called flow -- the unimpeded manifestation of motion in resonance. Wherever there is resistance, flow is obstructed. At Agrinomics, we help remove barriers and make sure that you have optimum flow for everything in play.

We start by drafting the best physical players. And we make sure to put them in the right positions on the field -- no one wants to put an outfielder on the pitcher’s mound! We want every element to be in the right place and in the right ratios to all other elements. And through good coaching, we make sure that all of our players have the right diet and eat good biologically active foods for optimum performance. And through careful training, we orchestrate the energetic interplay of all of the players together and make them practice until it’s imprinted in their muscle memory.

Agrinomics is not the only answer, but we are a good answer. But if you are looking for a complete package to balance all your major and minor nutrients, to enhance the biological activity of your soils, and to fine-tune the energetic interplay of all these players, then Agrinomics isn’t just a good choice, Agrinomics is the only choice.

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