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Taking Care Of Yourself

"The single most important factor on a team is the coach. The single most important factor on a farm is the farmer."

The single most important factor on a team isn’t sponsorships, expensive players, or even good players. If the team doesn’t have a good coach, it won’t matter much how many excellent players you put onto the field.

Everything that applies to individual team members also applies to the coach! If the coach is sick or has personal stress, the entire team will suffer more than if any one player is on the disabled list. If the coach is not on top of his game, the team will fall apart without their coach.

You are the coach, and you need to take care of your coach. We can improve our players, trade inferior players, but if we don’t make sure the coach is healthy, it’ll all be a waste.

Even if all the players really want to win, if the coach too doesn’t have that same determination, the team as a whole simply cannot succeed in the long run. It should really be as important to you to take your own health and faculties as seriously as you take the health of your team.

You are quite literally the dynamic principle that organizes the farm and holds its life together, orchestrating all its activities. If your own spiritual willpower is weak or your health is poor, how can the farm work well?

Our tests can not just test your soil -- we can test your plants, animals, and even you. Because the farmer is the single most important member of the farm, any limitation on the farmer’s fullest potential is a limitation on the productivity of the farm itself!

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